Integrated Campaign


«Good things happen inside your comfort zone»

Said no one ever.

In a world where comfort has been labeled as something negative and become a synonym for being lazy, we forgot how essential is to help ourselves to whatever makes us feel good regardless all judgments. And this is exactly what happens when you help yourself to a bowl of Kraft Mac & Cheese: that good feeling shows inside out.

Our anthemic film ‘Skip’ turns comfort into a much needed form of self-care.

The film was supported by super-feel good content featuring our ‘noodley’ characters.

The goal? Encourage everyone to help themselves to a bowl of comfort.

CW: Paula Gete-Alonso & Celia Mortlock AD: Anna Cevallos & Chris Luu GCDs: Jeph Burton & Hunter Hampton Film Director: Jack Begert (Psycho Films) Choreographer: Ian Eastwood